San Diego Bay Shore: San Diego, CA

Trail Stats

2.8 miles
Elevation Gain
39 feet
Total Time
1 hours 11 minutes
Moving Time
54 minutes

San Diego Bay Shore walking path is a 2.8 mile walk with 39 feet of elevation gain located in San Diego, California. If you are looking to maximize your distance on this walk it will be best to start on either end of the road so you can do an out and back style walk. You could also park in the middle and walk one half, then the next after. This location has some amazing views of downtown San Diego, and Coronado Island.

When exploring this location you will be on waters edge the entire time. The path is paved and has some trees along the way for shade, but not many. Parking at this location is pretty easy as long as there are not any events going on. If it is a major holiday weekend, I would stay away, the parking will be limited and will have lots of traffic. This is a great place to see fireworks, especially the Big Bay Boom!

San Diego Bay Shore Parking

When I came here I was hanging out my ~1 year old son. We took the stroller out and back. We found a nice little spot on the grass to have a picnic, ate some snacks, and watched the boats go by in the water. It is also possible to see helicopters and airplanes as well. These are my sons favorites.

This path is easy to follow and can be made into whatever distance you would like it to be. If in the area I would come back and do a nice run, or walk again with my son. It is important to note, items will wheels are not allowed in this location. This means no bicycles, skateboards, or roller blades. Dogs are allowed, but they must remain on leash. With such a beautiful view of downtown and the surrounding area, this location is sure not to disappoint (unless visiting on holiday getting stuck in traffic).

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