Virtual Hikes Videos List – Daniel Kusper

Welcome to my list of virtual hikes videos! Over the time of capturing video for my hiking, biking, and adventuring I realized it would be a shame to make a 5 min video and not share the other 60% of the footage for those who want to look at a trail in more depth, or follow along on the treadmill! What locations would you like to see some virtual hikes of? Leave a comment on my channel and I will try to get one recorded for you!

Virtual Hikes Videos List

I will do my best to keep this list updated, but for up to the date information, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and keep an eye on the Virtual Hikes Playlist. I also have a playlist for the extended cut bike rides to check out on the blog Virtual Bike Ride Videos List or directly to the YouTube playlist Virtual Bike Ride Videos Playlist. Make sure to check that one out as well. I will be updating these playlist regularly!

Check back frequently for new updates on the Virtual Hikes Videos List. Maybe add a bookmark so you can easily access this page! I know it’s not the most impressive list right now, but trust me…. It will be :). I will keep doing my best to get better footage, capture real audio when possible, and bring regular updates to you! Thanks for coming on this journey with me, I’m glad you joined the hike (or walk). Enough talking, lets get “TO THE TRAIL”!