About My Blog

Welcome to DanielKusper.com I created this website after my personal heath challenge in 2018 to do 52 hikes in 52 weeks. I took on this challenge one hike at a time and was posting about each of the hikes on my social media. My posts were filled with recaps and fun moments from my adventures.

Little did I know that people would become very engaged by the posts and start going on their own hikes. A lot of people started to ask me questions which lead them to get outdoors more because of what they saw me doing. It felt good to see I had such a positive impact on everyone around me.

This challenge helped me start exploring and seeing what the surrounding areas had in store for me. The more places that I hiked, the more places I was adding to my wish list wanting to explore. It took me to many new places and helped me find some hidden gems right in my own back yard.

I was able to reconnect with some old friends a long this journey and make some new ones as well. I recorded video and took pictures not sure about what I was I was going to do with it. After careful thought I have decided to bring my journey to you via my blog and YouTube channel!

Please feel free to comment on my post and reach out with any questions that you might have. I am here to help you and the adventures that you want to achieve! It would be amazing to hear about the adventures that you are going on? What motivates you to get out and explore? Please reach out using the Contact Page and tell me more!