Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my frequently asked questions page. Hopefully you can find some helpful information here. If not please feel free to reach out to me via the Contact Us page.

How do you choose which trails to share?

Typically I like to mix my adventures, some small and some long trails. I look at the time I have available then go exploring based on that. I almost always try to go to a location that I have not been before.

Can I suggest a trail?

Absolutely, send me a message via Contact Us and I will do my best to get your trail covered.

Want to catch a hike together?

Let’s talk about it, if our schedules line up, it’s a possibility. Keep in mind since I am doing a lot of filming it might not be the experience you are used to. Send me a message via Contact Us.

Some information you posted is inaccurate how do I report it?

Ouch, it happens. I want to make sure we are suggesting the best information possible. Please send me a message via Contact Us or directly comment on the post that needs to be updated. Your feedback is appreciated 🙂

That map overlay in your videos is really cool, how did you do that?

My friend and I built it, at this time it’s a secret!

What is your favorite hike?

Garnett Peak Trail, probably because the end view surprised me so much. But there are many trails that I really enjoy and would go back to!

What camera are you using?

For trail footage GoHero 7 Black, for studio and everything else, Canon EOS-R with RF15-35 lens.

My question isn’t listed here….

If you do not see your question in this frequently asked questions, please send me a message via Contact Us and I will do my best to get back to your promptly!