Allied Gardens Park Loop: San Diego, CA

Trail Stats

0.5 miles
Elevation Gain
16 feet
Total Time
14 minutes
Moving Time
13 minutes

Allied Gardens Park Loop is a 0.5 mile loop with 16 feet of elevation gain located in Allied Gardens, aka San Diego, CA. This is a simple loop next to a school that also has a park to enjoy for the kids.

My personal opinion is that I would not travel far to walk around this park. While it is nice, it’s not something special that I would say is worth going out of your way for. To contradict that last statement, it is important to note they do host Concert in The Parks and other events here. If visiting during one of those events, it could be worth the drive.

There is a parking lot for the park, but you will also find tons of street parking available. There are some park benches and coal BBQs available to use. Being a nice community park, you will find that these are often taken. If you want to use them, get there early.

Allied Gardens Park Loop Trail Parking

This park makes for a great place to host a gathering like birthday parties or a kid play date. Plenty of grassy area for the kids to safely run around. You will often find this place jam packed with events going on.

Because this is located next to a school and has lots of children, I will not be posting a video of this location to respect the privacy of the children should they accidentally appear in any video that would be taken.

To help fellow readers, please comment below with your favorites events that occur at this park. Never know what might be hosted next and ready to be enjoyed.

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