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This guide will show you how to download AllTrails GPX files quick and easy. This is very helpful when you want to upload the trail to another tracking device like your Garmin. I tend to use this feature for generating my map overlays on my hiking recap videos. To answer your question, can you download gpx from AllTrails? The answer is yes, and you will see below just how it is done!

What is a GPX File?

A GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file is a standard file format used to store and exchange GPS data. It contains information such as waypoints, tracks, and routes recorded from GPS devices or created through mapping software. Essentially it is structured data that tracks your location over time making it easy to do things like share hiking trails on AllTrails, or uploading trails to your Garmin device.

Below is an example of what the GPX file looked like when I hiked Lawson Peak Trail. The beauty of this data is we can record it in realtime, then share it with others to follow the exact same route. If you got off route and want to clean up the tracks you can upload the file to a GPX editor and clean the data and location points before sharing.

Lawson Peak Trail GPX Overview

Download AllTrails GPX File

To download a GPX file you can download the file for any public trail or recording that you have access too. In this case I will show you how to download the GPX file from one for your recorded activities.

To start you will need to be logged into your account on the website. Once you are logged in, click on the top menu item “Saved” then “Activities” on the sub menu that appears.

This will load a map with the recent activity cards on the left hand side. They will be sorted from your most recent activities to your oldest. There is a search bar at the top of activities column if you are looking for something specific that is buried deep in your history.

Once you have found the activity that you would like the GPX file for, click on the activity name seen in the description below. In this case below the activity is named “Lawson Peak Trail”.

Once the trail has opened up you will see a menu at the top, just underneath the trail photo. Click on the ... (triple dots) to open the extra menu. On the dropdown menu that appears, click on the “Download Route” menu option.

AllTrails Download Route

Once the modal opens up, we will be presented with the various download options for the route. You will want to select the “GPX Route” option. Once selected, click the “OK” button to start the download.

Download AllTrails GPX File

This will open a download prompt where you can choose where to save the file and what the name should be. You can see this is on a Mac below, and will look different if you are on a PC.

AllTrails GPX Save File Name

Once it is downloaded you will now have your .gpx file available for use. You can now modify it or upload it wherever you need it!

AllTrails GPX File Downloaded

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As you can see it was easy to download AllTrails gpx files. I would love to get some comments going down below of the tools you use to edit your GPX files and in general, what are you using these tracks for?

If there is anything else you would like to learn about AllTrails, please drop a comment down below, or reach out using the contact form. I would love to make some more articles and videos that help with your adventures. Plus, I might learn something along the way too!

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