Eagle Rock via PCT: Warner Springs, CA

Trail Stats

6.5 miles
Elevation Gain
860 feet
Total Time
2 hours 22 minutes
Moving Time
2 hours 11 minutes

Eagle Rock via PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) is a 6.5 mile hike with 860 feet of elevation gain located in Warner Springs, California at the Cleveland National Forest. This hike has a decent amount of elevation gain, but is acquired over time, not all at once.

Getting to this hike can be quite the drive and does not have many places for you to stop along the way. If you plan on using your cell phone for navigation, make sure to use an app like “Google Maps” where you are able to pre-download the map. When you loose reception, this will be extremely helpful to keep real time driving instructions. On this same note, reception is limited, and most likely non existent when you arrive and hike.

Parking is an important piece of information to discuss for this hike. Once you arrive to the trail you will be on the main road and see that there is not too much parking on the side of the road across from the fire house. There is also a recently added parking area to the left of the fire station. Many people park at the resource center across from the firehouse, but this is not recomended as it is not an acceptable use case for parking.

Also there are bathrooms that are open to the public. In the pictures below you can see that these are only available during sun up to sunset AND non school hours. Please make sure to respect the bathroom availability. If we do not follow the rules set in place, they may just close it down entirely.

Once you start the hike, just off the side of the road to the right of the firehouse you will need to head towards the livestock looking area. Once here you will walk until you find the gate to get you to the actual trail. Make sure to close it behind you!

Once we were on the trail we followed the dry creek bed for some time. It was nice to be covered from the sun, although it was a cool day when we visited. While following the creek, this will be the only time that you have shade coverage.

Once past the creek you will end up following a trail surrounded by shrubs. This portion of the trail is pretty cool as you keep wondering where the Eagle Rock is waiting for you around the corner. Spoiler alert, you wont magically turn a corner and see the rock.

Not until you finish the shrub portion of the hike and end up in the open fields. This last portion is pure open space and any slight change of shade in the trail before is GONE. So please, make sure to plan accordingly. Your are in the middle of a desert, it gets hot!

Once you reach the Eagle Rock you can sit back and enjoy before heading back the way you came. It is truly amazing how much this rock looks like and eagle.

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