Garnet Peak Trail: Pine Valley, CA

Trail Stats

2.4 miles
Elevation Gain
512 feet
Total Time
1 hours 6 minutes
Moving Time
59 minutes

Garnet Peak Trail is 2.4 mile hike with 512 feet of elevation gain located in Pine Valley, California at the Cleveland National Forest. This is a quick hike that crosses the Pacific Crest Trail and has amazing views once you make it to the top.

The first thing to discuss is parking. Depending on how people park, there may only be room for approximately 5+ cars. Make sure that you look up the route before driving here so you are prepared when the spot comes up to pull off the road.

Once parked, to get on the trail you will need to jump over the guard rail. You will see the trail labeled on the guard rail “Garnet Peak Trail”

Once we got on the trail the rest was straight forward. We were able to follow the dirt path for more than half way without any issues. Once we got to the mountain, we encountered some rocky terrain. Make sure to wear the proper footwear so that you do not accidentally injure yourself. For me, I need to wear ankle high boots because I am always tripping from not picking up my feet.

As you make it up the rocky path, be on the lookout for the Pacific Crest Trail. You will see that it intersects the trail.

Shortly after we saw a cool wooden sign with the trail name on it! Makes for a great photo since there is no sign at the top of the mountatin.

Overall this was one of those hikes that really surprised me. The hike over all is not too long, and has decent elevation gain without making for too much of a challenge. Once at the top you are rewarded with some amazing views. I can’t wait to come back here!

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