What is Verified Completed in AllTrails? | Trail Completion Tracking

In this guide we will talk about the verified completed badge in AllTrails. Verified Completed is an additional way of keeping track of the trails you have completed. Let’s dig into the difference of a “Completed” trail and a “Verified Completed” trail down below.

Verified Completed: Is when 75% or more of your recording overlaps with a trail in the AllTrails database. You could potentially get several of these verified complete badges while hiking a single trail if they have enough overlap. This is typical when hiking the longer trails on a busy trail system.

Cowles Mountain - Verified Complete

Completed: You get a complete badge when you’re recording a specific trail and it has less than 75% overlap on the trail route in the database. You can also get the completed badge by manually marking the trail as completed within the app.

Grasslands Crossing - Completed

The Main Difference

Pretty much to sum it up, a verified completed trailed is verified through your GPS tracking and compared against trails in the database. This adds a layer of verification to whether you really completed that trail or not. Completed is something that you recorded and did a partial part of the trail. Since you can also manually mark trails as completed, there is no real verification if you actually did the trail or not.

For me, I really like see that I “Verified Completed” a trail. It provides a little extra validation to the journey. That “I did it!” kind of feeling. With that said, everyones motivation is different. Do you feel encouraged by getting a “verified completed” badge? Leave a comment below to get the conversation started.

If you would like to read more about this, you can see the support article that was written by AllTrails here.

Wrap Up

Is there a specific hike that you would like to see next? Leave a comment down below or reach out via the Contact Form and hopefully I will be able to get a recap and virtual hike posted soon! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your adventure.

If you would like to learn more about some of the apps we use during the adventures, please let me know that as well!

8 thoughts on “What is Verified Completed in AllTrails? | Trail Completion Tracking”

  1. I have hiked several trails that are on the all trails app and I have noticed that I follow the trail marked but the app has a different track for the trail so even though I complete the trail I am not getting a verified complete all trails needs to realize that some parks alter trails and it could be due to erosion or damage or a number of trees that have fallen so I don’t think that this is very accurate

    • Yeah, I have experienced the same. I am actually working on a video of how to suggest trail edits on AllTrails. I find maps that have been outdated for years, no sign of some of the paths while on the trail.

      I have also encountered times where I don’t get verified completed when I should have. If it’s something important to you, can always reach out to their support at support@alltrails.com. Send them the recording and the trail link and they will review/update it.

      Thanks for stopping by, safe adventure!

    • Yeah well we just did whiteface and Esther in NY and did well over 75% on the trail … near the summit we had a short distance not on trail and that’s it and it still says only completed. That’s annoying.

      • That’s a bummer it did not work. This has happened to me before. If you would like, reach out to support (support@alltrails.com) with the trail recording and trial name, and they can update it! They have done this for me in the past.

  2. Does it take time for hikes to show up as “Verified”? Completed a few last week that still are not showing as such

    • I’ve noticed that sometimes mine can take a week before they are marked as completed within the app.

  3. 75% is way off what needs to be done to earn “verified completed”. Don’t fool yourselves. The last 25%, hey the last 10% could be more difficult than the first 90%. If I can see a peak and it’s “only” 500m away doesn’t mean I did it ! So, can someone let me know how can I delete this nonsense badges ? I did one hike and I suddenly have 7 completed. Ridiculous. I mean it’s all good to embellish your achievements once in a while but this is outright deluge of nonsense.

    • That is an interesting view on the feature! I see how it can be frustrating from an achievement perspective. In my mind, I really like using this feature to separate trail overlaps when I am researching new hikes. Oftentimes the platform might have several trails that cover the same sections and after completing one trail I am able to filter out the rest that I have mostly explored. This really helps me find new adventures.


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