Eaton Canyon Trail: Pasadena, Ca

Trail Stats

3.8 miles
Elevation Gain
449 feet
Total Time
1 hours 50 minutes
Moving Time
1 hours 36 minutes

Eaton Canyon Trail is 3.8 mile hike with 448 feet of elevation gain and is a part of Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park and is located near Pasadena, Ca. This is a very popular hike so I would recommend going early to beat the crowd.

There is a lot of parking in the parking lot, but as mentioned before, this is a busy trail and can fill up very quickly. Once at the trail head there are some porta-potties available to use before making the trek. There is also a visitors center and park benches where you could have a pre or post hike picnic.

Eaton Canyon Trail Parking

The hike starts with a simple trail going through a dirt path with grass on either side of you. At the beginning the trail feels like most other trails. Nothing too special and just a simple trail that you find yourself following for some time.

Once you have made your way farther in to the canyon is when this trail gets really enjoyable. You will find yourself on the stream / waters edge for the the remainder of the hike. You will follow it all the way to Eaton Falls.

Along the way there will be several stream crossings. Depending on the person you are, you can either walk through them or find rocks and logs to step on to make it across without getting wet. The stream is about ankle to shin deep and will fluctuate based on the weather. Since there are water crossings involved it is important to wear the proper footwear. Last thing you want to do is have wet shoes and slip on some rock.

If you are looking for a fun hike that is not too strenuous, this is a great one. As you can see when you make it to the end of the hike you are rewarded with an awesome waterfall! If you have time bring a snack or lunch and hang out a bit before heading back, Just make sure to pack out what you bring in.

Have you been to Eaton Canyon Trail before? What was your favorite part? Any suggestions for those who will be going? Leave a comment below!

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