Garmin Instinct Replace Band (ANCOOL) – Quick & Easy

In this guide I will show you how to replace the Garmin Instinct watch band. My original band was almost a year old and was time for change with all the use it had. There are many options for watch band replacements. These instructions should work for most bands (unless you get some that have a special connection of some sort).

I chose to get the ANCOOL replacement bands from Amazon. They have great reviews and come with a very helpful tool for replacing the bands. On the left is a link to the bands and on the right is a link to the Garmin Instinct watch for reference. These are affiliate links, so if you click on them and decide to purchase, I will get a kickback from it.

The Video

For those who rather watch a video, here is a link that shows the replacement process that will be described below. If you found the video helpful, please considering liking and subscribing!

Watch Band Removal

The first thing we are going to do is use the pin depression tool to depress the pin that is holding the watchband to the Garmin. In the bottom of the picture, in my left hand, you can see the tool that I am talking about. In the top screenshot you can see an arrow pointing out the the silver pin ending. This is what we are trying to push down.

Garmin Instinct - Depress Watchband Pin

Once you can feel that the pin has been depressed you are going to gently tilt the watch band away from the watch face. You should be tilting from the top of the band where you are depressing the pin.

Garmin Instinct - Pull Watch Band Away

Once you can see that the pin is out of the watch face you should be able to lift up as you are tilting to remove the watch band from the watch face. Looking in the image above you can also see the pin is no longer in the watch face and at a point where the band can be removed.

Garmin Instinct - Watch Band Removed

Watch Band Install

The first thing we need to do is grab the new watch band and install the new pins. This is as simple as pushing the pins through the watch band hole. Below the arrow points out the hole the pin should be placed through.

Garmin Instinct - Place Pin In Hole

Here we see that the pin has been inserted into the watch band correctly.

Garmin Instinct - Pin in Watchband

Next we are going to put the watch band in at an angle. The goal is to get one end of the watch band pin into the hole of the watch face.

Garmin Instinct - Watch Band Tilt

Once one end of the pin is secure we want to get the band as close to the watch face as possible. You will notice that the pin hits the watch face. So at this point you need to push the pin down with your finger so it is completely depressed into the band. Once you have done that you should be able to slide the watch band into place.

Garmin Instinct - Depress Watch Band Pin

Once you think the band is in place give it a little tug to make sure that it is secure. If the band comes loose, give it another try. In the image below we can see the pin seated into the watch face below. The arrow is pointing to the metal pin.

Garmin Instinct - Watch Band Pin Settled

Enjoy your new watch band! I hope you found it was easy to replace your Garmin Instinct band. You can change the band as much as you want by repeating these steps. If you have any questions or suggestions about the process leave a comment below! Also if you would like to see more Garmin tutorials hit me up via the Contact Us page and I will do my best to make a video and an article on the topic!

Garmin Instinct - Watch Band Replaced

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