Garmin Instinct add Screen Protector (Orzero)

In the guide I will show you how to install a screen protector on your Garmin Instinct. I am sure these step will be similar for many of the other Garmin devices. Probably common for most circular screen protectors that get applied to watches. I choose to go with the Orzero Screen protector because of the amazing reviews on Amazon.

On the left I have a link to the Orzero Screen Protectors that I purchased. On the right I have the Garmin Instinct that we are applying the screen protector to. These are affiliate links, if you click them, then purchase, I will get a small kickback.

I will write out the step by step instructions below, but if you prefer watching this be done, here is a YouTube video I created when I applied. If you found it helpful, make sure to give it a like and consider subscribing :)

What in the Box?

Alright we have made it this far, let’s get to it! Below is the inside cover of the Orzero Screen protector box. You can see that they provide some instructions in a couple of sentences and sections. Also included is all of the items you need to complete the install. Using this as a base, here is what I did and got great results.

Orzero - Inside Cover Instructions

Clean Screen Protector

The first thing that should be done is washing your hand really well. We want to make sure that we get any dirt and oils off our fingers. If we don’t do this then when cleaning and applying the screen protector we have a potential for applying it and having fingerprints / grime between the watch face and screen protector.

Next we will take the alcohol pad and give the watch face a good wipe down.

Garmin Instinct - Clean With Alcohol Pad

I then used the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. Clearing away any left over residue from the alcohol pad. In their description they mention using the dust absorber first. But I feel like the microfiber “could” leave some dust behind so it was better done second.

Garmin Instinct - Clean With MicroFiber

As my final step to the cleaning I used the dust absorber to remove any final dust from the watch face. This is essentially just a sticker and the goal is to dab it up and down on the watch face until you feel all the dust has been removed from the watch face. Be careful as this is our last phase of cleaning, if you accidentally touch the screen and leave a mark you will have to start over.

Garmin Instinct - Clean With Dust Absorber

Install Screen Protector

We are going to get ready to apply the screen protector. You will see a plastic tab on the screen protector that says “Remove mask film attached to this Tab”. Once you remove this it is go time.

Orzero Screen Protector - Remove Film

After removing the tab, we are going take the side that the film was removed from and apply it to the Garmin Instinct watch face. Make sure when you are holding the screen protector to hold it by the edges. As you place it on the watch face I found it best to come in at a slight angle and use one of the edges of the Garmin to help get it lined up. Since the protector is very close to an exact fit it should be hard to mess up the alignment. Famous last words?

Orzero Screen Protector - Garmin Instinct Placement

Now that the screen protector is on the watch face, use your finger to apply pressure to the protector so that it adheres to the watch face. I started in the center, then worked around the edges in a circle.

Garmin Instinct - Apply Pressure to Screen Protector

You can see in the image below that the left hand side is not fully adhered. After several attempts with my finger I was not able to get it to fully adhere. I then used a small metal tool (watch band pin depressor) with a flat surface on the back and applied pressure to the watch face using the microfiber cloth in between. This was able to get the final air bubbles out and a perfect fit. If you do something like this be careful not to damage your new screen protector.

Garmin Instinct - Screen Protector Bubble

Finally you are finished! If you have any questions or suggestions about the process leave a comment below! Also if you would like to see more Garmin tutorials hit me up via the Contact Us page and I will do my best to make a video and an article on the topic!

Garmin Instinct - Screen Protector Results

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