Kumeyaay Lake Trail: San Diego, CA

Trail Stats

1.4 miles
Elevation Gain
49 feet
Total Time
26 minutes
Moving Time
26 minutes

Kumeyaay Lake Trail is a 1.4 mile hike with 49 feet of elevation gain located in San Diego, California and is a part of the Mission Trails Regional Park. What a great beginner hike that can be done by all ages.

I have been here many times and the important thing to note about this trail is that sometimes if the lake is on the full side you may not be able to cross the water to make the loop. Most importantly, this is not the end of the world as you are able to make this an out and back hike.

When we got to the park, you go through an entrance where there may be a Park Ranger. The parking is free but the Park Ranger is there to help with the campgrounds that are located on the lake. Make sure to consider the park hours for the parking. I don’t want anyone getting their vehicle locked in the parking lot.

Kumeyaay Lake Trail Parking

Once we parked we made our way down the road to the lake trail. You can go either direction to start. I like starting right until I hit the gate and then back over the bridge to make the loop. This will make sense when you look at the GPS track. While the hike does make a loop there is still an out and back portion. However, this is completely optional and up to your preference on what you want to explore. The full loop looks like it has been closed for some time now.

As you make the loop you will get to enjoy the lake and its surroundings. In addition, if you like to take pictures, this is a great place to do it. You will get the feeling of nature and walking on a dirt terrain. There is a section on the trail where they have log style theatre seating facing towards a fire pit and the lake. I wonder what kind of events they have hosted here? Drop a comment bellow if you have more information on this.

In conclusion, there isn’t really any elevation gain or difficult portions of this trail making it a great beginner hike!

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