Loveland Reservoir Trail: Alpine, CA

Trail Stats

1 miles
Elevation Gain
144 feet
Total Time
29 minutes
Moving Time
28 minutes

Loveland Reservoir Trail (website) is a 1 mile hike with 144 feet of elevation gain located in Alpine, California and is a part of the Cleveland National Forest. This trail is a quick walk down a dirt path to the reservoir that has some pretty views.

When we arrived at the parking lot there was a TON of parking. In total there was maybe 5-10 cars in the parking lot and it could probably hold about 50-100. On the way in make sure to pay attention to the park and gate hours. If you are not back in time you risk your car getting locked in or towed. Parking is free and there was a porto potty in the parking lot to use.

Loveland Reservoir Trail Parking

This hike is really a simple walk down to the water and the trail is easy to follow. After the walk on the left side of the reservoir, I tried to get to the side with the dock, but I could not figure out how to get that way. There are a couple sections of trail that you can walk into what appears to be a dried up water channel to cross over. Because we were not feeling the most adventurous, we did not attempt to cross over. For the record, there were several other people on the dock side. Maybe I just flat out missed the trail that took you to that side. I would love more insight to this, please comment below for others to be informed before their visit.

The Loveland Lake Reservoir is a beautiful place to take some photos, or a picnic. As a result of the relaxing nature of the reservoir, If I am in the area I would love to visit again and just relax for a few. There was a small beach like area where you could catch some sun if you really wanted too.

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