Open AllTrails Favorites | Find Trails With a Heart in 1 min

In this guide, I will show you how to open AllTrails favorites trails within the AllTrail app. These are very easy to find within the app by using the “Saved” Functionality. For me I often times use the favorites as a way to bookmark trails that someday if I am in the area, I would love to check out. I’d be interested in learning how you use the feature, please drop a comment down below to get the conversation started!

What is AllTrails favorites?

AllTrails favorites are considered when you click the bookmark icon on the right side of the featured image while looking at a trail. These weren’t always a bookmark, they used to be a heart that you would tap to add or remove from the list. This is why many still refer to them as favorites.

AllTrail - Favorites List Featured Image

How to open AllTrails Favorites?

First open open the AllTrails app. Once it is loaded click on the “Saved” menu option on the bottom of the screen.

AllTrail - Favorites List Featured Image

This will load a screen that shows all of the lists that you have created while in the app. These lists are a collection of trails that you have saved by clicking on the bookmark or heart (older version of app) while looking at a trail.

When you click to save the trail it will ask you which list you would like to save the trail to. By default in the older app, when you clicked on the heart it would save to the “My Favorites” list.

To see your “Favorite” trails, make sure the “Lists” tab is active in the top menu, then click on the “My favorites” list.

AllTrail - Favorites List Featured Image

Now you should be presented with all of the trails that you have favorited currently and in the past! If you have a lot of trails in the list as I do, you can search the list by typing in the search bar located at the top of the screen. Wasn’t it easy to open AllTrails favorites list?

AllTrail - Open AllTrails Favorites

How to remove Favorite trail from AllTrails?

Now that you were able to open AllTrails favorites list, if you would like to remove a trail from your favorites, or any list, simply start by clicking on the trail. Once the trail has loaded, click on the bookmark icon shown at the top of the post. Once you click on this, it will show you the lists you have and checkmarks by the lists the trail is saved to.

AllTrails - Remove from Favorites

Uncheck the box from any of the lists that you do not want the trail to show up on. After you check or uncheck a list the menu will automatically close. If you want to add or remove from several lists, you will need to repeat this process accordingly.

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As you can see it was easy to open AllTrails favorites. How do you manage your lists? Drop a comment down below to help the community better plan their next set of hiking adventures. Let us know where you plan to go next!

If there is anything else you would like to learn about AllTrails, please drop a comment down below, or reach out using the contact form. I would love to make some more articles and videos that help with your adventures. Plus, I might learn something along the way too!

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