Portobelo Ridge Trail: San Diego, CA

Trail Stats

1.5 miles
Elevation Gain
315 feet
Total Time
Moving Time

Portobelo Ridge Trail is 1.5 mile hike with 315 feet of elevation gain located in San Diego, California at the Mission Trails Regional Park. This trail was lightly trafficked and never really felt like you really left the city, just about all views include some housing.

Parking & Getting There

When you arrive to the trail you are greeted with a dead end at the top of a residential neighborhood. There is plenty of street parking. The trail-head is a little confusing since it is blocked by a guard rail, but you will see signage available.

The Trail

The trail start at the top of the hill and then you work your way down the hill. The top is rocky so make sure to have a good pair of shoes on preventing accidentally rolling your ankle. Once you are on the trail it is easy to follow and see where you are headed. If you wanted, you could take several different route options to make the hike longer.

Once you make it to the bottom of the hill, you connect with a fire road. This road is pretty steep and will be a nice little workout. This will take you back to the top of the trail and a short walk back to you car.


Overall Portobelo Ridge Trail was a nice quick hike, I would not travel far to do this, but if you are looking for something different, stop by and check it out. I went during sunset and really enjoyed the views as the sun set over the homes.

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Whats Next?

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