Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail Loop: La Jolla, CA

Trail Stats

0.65 miles
Elevation Gain
26 feet
Total Time
18 minutes
Moving Time
18 minutes

Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail Loop is a 0.65 mile loop with 26 feet of elevation gain and is part of Scripps Coastal Reserve located in La Jolla, CA. This is a very short loop with some amazing ocean views!

Parking & Getting There

Accessing this trail is very easy. You park in a residential neighborhood, then a short walk from the street you can go through the gates to get into the reserve. Please be respectful to those who live in the area!

Directions to the trail: Google Maps. There are cameras at the entrance of the trail to prevent funny business! Also make sure when parking that you are not in any RED zones or blocking someones driveway. You will get ticketed / towed. You can see the trail in the green below and the red line represents the closest place for parking.

Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail Loop Parking

The Trail

This trail does have hours, currently posted on the gate the park is closed sunset to 8AM. This means that the trail should be open during the day time. Doing a little research on AllTrails, I do not see an recent recordings. It makes me wonder if this trail is closed or not. Please drop a comment below if you know the answer and help our fellow adventuring friends visiting the site.

This trail does not offer shade, but being right on the cliffs edge of the ocean this should not be a problem. In a rare case it might be hot while on the trail but if you pack water like any other trail it wont be a problem.

Trail signage is all over the place and very easy to follow along with. They have done a great job adding plaques to the various plants telling you what they are. Other signs you will see are “Area Closed to Protect Sensitive Resources“. It looks like at one point the trail was a little bit longer but has since been closed for habitat restoration.


Overall Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail Loop is a very easy hike / walk with some amazing views. There are many hikes that go a long the ocean in San Diego and this is one of them. If you are in the area and looking for a casual adventure, I recommend checking this one out!

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Whats Next?

Is there a specific hike that you would like to see next? Leave a comment down below or reach out via the Contact Form and hopefully I will be able to get a recap and virtual hike posted soon! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your adventure.

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